RUAG Defence

RUAG Defence

Profile: RUAG develops and markets civil and military technology applications for use in space, in the air and on land. With its five divisions and locations in 16 countries, RUAG has a strong international market presence. RUAG possesses outstanding technological capabilities in aerospace as well as security and defence. The civil and military sectors are closely bound up with each other at RUAG. These close ties are a source of valuable synergies. Thanks to its dual-track strategy, RUAG is able to harness new impulses from civilian technology, such as realistic visualization for virtual simulators and high-end telecommunications technologies, and make them available to its defence-sector customers swiftly and professionally. Customers from the civil domain benefit among other things from the Group’s vast expertise in the security field. Technological know-how and wide-ranging professional capabilities are key factors in success of RUAG. To continually meet the demand among its customers and partners for unusual innovations, RUAG invests roughly 9% of sales in research and development. RUAG acts as a strategic technology partner to a large number of original equipment manufacturers, security organizations and land forces. The Defence division is a leader in maintaining and upgrading heavy weapon systems and also maintains communications systems and both virtual and live simulators. RUAG Defence develops internationally sought-after technologies for armed forces, law enforcement and rescue and security organizations. Its core business includes products and services for tracked and wheeled vehicles, realistic military training, and reliable command, information and communication infrastructures. Its comprehensive portfolio also includes protection systems to counter ballistic threats and integration, maintenance, operation and innovative upgrades to relevant systems. RUAG Defence manages its core business in three business units

  • Network Enabled Operations Services (NEO Services) As a vendor-neutral full-service partner with extensive technology knowledge in the field of C4ISTAR and Homeland ICT, NEO Services provides requirements-led solutions and services. One responsibility of NEO Services is to integrate and operate the information, communication and management systems of the Swiss Armed Forces and civilian emergency services. NEO Services is also responsible for maintaining these systems for the duration of their use. RUAG Cyber Security enables and efficiently training management, tailored to the needs of staff and IT specialists – because understanding cyber is crucial to protect the customer’s core assets. Within this context RUAG initiated a joint research project with the University of the Bundeswehr Munich investigating in geo-localising IP addresses.
  •  Simulation & Training Develops simulation systems for live and virtual training which fully meet constantly changing requirements. Flexible functions and a wide range of additional equipment enable realistic training of any mission – for individual and team training right up to entire units. RUAG offers solutions for training in both open and built-up terrain.
  •  Land Systems Is an experienced specialist for a number of vehicles, platforms and weapon systems. Its core competencies include the development, production and maintenance of armoured vehicles and mobile command posts and the development and manufacture of sub-systems and components.

Customers / partners Swiss Armed Forces, armed forces worldwide, rescue and security agencies and organizations, operators of critical ICT infrastructure, industrial partners.

Expertise and Role in CONCORDIA: RD will be involved in all WP and will provide its expertise on Defense security solutions. RD’s effort will primarily be invested in Task 2.5 where the Defence pilot is realized.

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