Boosting the CONCORDIA’s Cyber Security Ecosystem: Virtual Lab, Services and Training

Boosting the CONCORDIA’s Cyber Security Ecosystem: Virtual Lab, Services and Training

Several activities within CONCORDIA build and improve trusted ecosystems with the goal to provide impact and sustainability for communities. Besides Threat Intelligence Platform and House for DDoS Attacks, CONCORDIA‘s ecosystem has this focus by providing lab infrastructures, services, and training.

As CONCORDIA takes a holistic and scalable approach to cyber security, our vision is to provide a common portal via CONCORDIA‘s website as entry point for Cyber Range platforms, (virtual) labs, and services. All these services are bringing added value to CONCORDIA‘s stakeholders.

What we are doing and how to proceed in 2020 with the virtual labs

We support the development of cyber security solutions by providing the necessary lab infrastructure. Therefore, our roadmap reflects an evolving process: first, we have listed Cyber Ranges, Capture the Flag events and an initial list of tools. Then, we are going to list (virtual) labs and best practice guides. In a further step, we are going to update the list of labs including guidelines, terms of usage, and further information. Our final goal is to have a common portal via the CONCORDIA‘s website including the common Threat Intelligence platform.

Even though Cyber Ranges as simulation environment with complex security scenarios for cyber security trainings concentrate on CONCORDIA, the concept goes beyond. We cooperate with other pilot projects – the Cyber Competence Network – in order to provide improved trainings to our customers.

We appreciate your engagement to support and include existing or future planned (virtual) labs, e.g., digital forensics, reverse engineering or malware analysis. We can add them to our list and you will be part of CONCORDIA’s ecosystem for virtual labs, services, and training.

Not only the project will gain from it, this is a typical win-win situation with added value to your organization as well. By adding labs, you will get publicity, reputation, and most likely also feedback. Feedback helps to refine the lab and to improve your research.


CONCORDIA is leading the integration of Europe’s excellent cyber security competencies into the network of expertise to build the European secure, resilient, and trusted ecosystem. We aim to make Europe great in cyber security services.

Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities – Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (BAdW-LRZ) leads the task and collaborates with other partners on developing the CONCORDIA’s Ecosystem: Virtual Lab, Services, and Training.

(By Reinhard Gloger, BAdW-LRZ)