Publicity of CONCORDIA

Publicity DatePublicity LinkType
10-10-2022DDoS fingerprints and the future of a secure internetArticle
09-02-2022 CONCORDIA and the importance of information sharing for the future of
the European Cybersecurity Ecosystem
, Mario Maawad Marcos, CAIXABANK
14-10-2021Developing and running a testbed for the DDoS Clearing House Demonstrating the DDoS Clearing House in a representative simulated environmentBlog
04-10-2021Gabi Dreo Rodošek participated in the event "The Future of Cybersecurity in Slovenia and Europe” presenting CONCORDIA project as well as participating in the Round Table – Establishment of Cybersecurity Competence Network in EU.Presentation
30-09-2021Cristian Hesselman presenting "Developing and Piloting a DDoS Clearing House for Europe" at the Euritas Summit / Cyber Security PanelPresentation
28-09-2021Cora Lisa Perner will present CONCORDIA in OPTICS2 Final Dissemination EventPresentation
07-09-2021Sotiris Ioannidis, Despoina Antonakaki and Jean-Yves Marion with the four Cybersecurity Pilots at the EU Commission stand at International Cybersecurity Forum FIC2021, 7-9 September 2021Booth
19-07-2021CONCORDIA in CODE's Annual report 2020Annual Report
22-06-2021Gabi Dreo Rodosek in 36th International Conference on ICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection – IFIP SEC 2021, 22–24 June 2021Conference
14-06-2021Meet the CXO with Gabi Dreo,Folge 10 - Thomas Tschersich und Gabi Dreo RodosekPodcast
03-06-2021Three more things you need to know about the Responsible Internet, University of Twente and University of AmsterdamBlog
01-04-2021CONCORDIA in an article of AG Connect, IT magazine in the NetherlandsArticle
04-02-2021Assist. Prof. Dr. Lili Nemec Zlatolas on local TVTelevison
10-11-2020Dutch MoD minister acknowledging data-centric and data-supported
collaboration, engagement & digital sovereignty
26-10-2020Secretary of State of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Monica Keijzer refers to CONCORDIAInterview
06-10-2020Cyber Information Sharing: Building Collective SecurityReport
21-09-2020Sotiris Ioannidis: A Cybersecurity Competence Network with leading research, technology, industrial and public compete @35th International Conference on ICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection – IFIP SEC 2020Conference Presentation
21-09-2020Barbara Carminati: Women in cyber – CONCORDIA H2020 contribution @ 35th International Conference on ICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection – IFIP SEC 2020Conference Presentation
11-09-2020Gabi Dreo leitet ein europäisches IT-ForschungsprogrammGerman Newspaper
31-08-2020Universität der Bundeswehr München: The development of a uniform European digital and cyber competence is on the agenda of the Federal Government during the EU Council Presidency. How this should be implemented, explains Prof. Gabi Dreo, the head of the research institute CODE and coordinator of the EU project CONCORDIA in the video: "Our goal is to build up European cybersecurity ecosystems. We develop European IT solutions, create the IT Specialists of the future and support start-ups."
Facebook Video
29-06-2020Lancaster University: CONCORDIA T1.3/T4.4 discussions – Airbus, ThalesDiscussions
28-06-2020Lancaster University: CONCORDIA T1.3 DSN paper presentationPaper Presentation
23-06-2020The DNS and the Internet of Things: Opportunities, Risks, and ChallengesPresentation
11-06-2020The national anti-DDoS coalition launches websiteNews and Blog
11-06-2020The national anti-DDoS coalition launches websiteArticle
14-05-2020Access to market in Concordia project, Cyberinvestor days , Aljosa Pasictbd
13-05-2020CONCORDIA: Universität Passau verstärkt europäische Cyber-StrategieArticle
28-04-2020Lancaster University: Eurosys Conf Panel/SessionConference
22-04-2020SMS - Schwanke meets Science Wie die Digitalisierung unsere Sicherheit verändertTV program
21-04-2020Lancaster University: CONCORDIA T1.3 IC2E paper presentationPaper Presentation
20-04-2020Lancaster University: CONCORDIA TI discussions: GCHQ, EPSRCDiscussions
03-04-2020Assessing the courses for Cybersecurity professionals already developed by CONCORDIA partnersReport
16-03-2020 - 17-03-2020Lancaster University:T1.3 discussions: Deutsche Bahn, ThalesDiscussions
04-03-2020 - 05-03-2020Lancaster University: T1.3 Seminars – Microsoft, SAPSeminars
02-03-2020 - 03-03-2020Lancaster University: T1.3 Seminars – CMU, SMU-SEI, CMU-CERTSeminars
28-02-2020Lancaster University: CONCORDIA Roadmap Discussion: NIST, NSFDiscussion
24-02-2020 - 25-02-2020Lancaster Univarsity: T1.3 Seminar: Finnish National AcademySeminars
10-02-2020 - 11-02-2020Lancaster University: T1.3 Seminars: University College London, Cambridge, BTSeminars
07-02-2020C. Hesselman, Increasing the Netherlands’ DDoS resilience together, SURF Security and Privacy Conference, Tilburg University, NetherlandsTalk
03-02-2020 - 04-02-2020Lancaster University: T1.3 Distinguished Seminar: Univ of Massachusetts, MITSeminar
28-01-2020Lancaster University: T1.3 Seminar Austrian Institute of Technology Seminar
13-01-2020 - 15-01-2020Lancaster University: CONCORDIA Intl Engagement Mtg: US-NSF, US-NISTMeeting
04-01-2020 - 07-01-2020Lancaster University: CONCORDIA Seminars - SAP & University of LisbonSeminars
30-12-20192019 in the rearview mirror
SIDN Labs’ main accomplishments of the past year
30-11-2019Information Security and Privacy: From Theory to Practice, International Conference on Information Security and Digital Forensics, Chatzopoulou ArgyroPresentation
26-11-2019 CONCORDIA: Europas Cybersicherheit vernetzt sich in Handelsblatt JournalArticle
26-11-2019C. Hesselman and J. Santanna, “Fighting DDoS attacks together on a national scale”, SNiC 2019 ResilIT conference (national conference for student associations in computer science), Amersfoort, NL, Nov 2019Presentation Conference
15-11-2019Upcoming European Cybersecurity competence Network, Cybersecurity for Europe, Aljosa PasicPanel
13-11-2019A Continuous Certification Methodology for DevOps, ACM MEDES 2019, Marco Anisetti, Claudio Ardagna, Ernesto Damiani, Filippo GaudenziPresentation
13-11-2019Good practices in Data Sharing Challenge for Incident Handling, Cybersecurity for Europe, Aljosa PasicPanel
13-11-2019Project Presentation, Cyberescurity for Europe, Aljosa PasicPresentation
12-11-2019TID: Data management and modeling for improved system design and user privacy, Colloquium @IMDEA Networks, Nicolas KourtellisPresentation
12-11-2019SC Media UK included Gaby Dreo in EUROPE LIST: 50 Women of Influence in Cyber-security EuropeMagazine
12-11-2019Gaby Dreo spoke at the opening plenary at the Annual Meeting on Cybersecurity of the World Economic Forum entitled "Making Global Cooperation Work" discussing ecosystems for cooperation and presented CONCORDIA Project as a blueprint for the envisioned European Cybersecurity Competence Network and Center.Event
11-11-2019Telecom Italia published an article (in Italian) where CONCORDIA is mentionedArticle
07-11-2019German Minister of Defence mentioned CONCORDIA in her press statement, visiting CODEPress Statement
05-11-2019CONCORDIA was presented in the Event: 9. Handelsblatt Jahrestagung Cybersecurity, 5 and 6 November, BerlinEvent
05-11-2019C. Hesselman and J. Latour, “The DNS and the IoT: security and stability opportunities, risks, and challenges (for ccTLDs)”, ICANN66, Montréal, Canada, Nov 2019Presentation Conference
05-11-2019CONCORDIA: Cyber Security Competence for Research and Innovation, 1st Open Pilots Workshop,Claudio A. ArdagnaPresentation
04-11-2019Introduction to Blockchains & Distributed Ledgers and Their Relevance for Responsible Business Conduct, OECD Workshop on "Responsible Business Conduct and Digitalization", Burkhard Stiller, Rolf H. WeberPresentation
24-10-2019CONCORDIA and IoT Security: state of play, 3rd ENISA-Europol IoT Security Conference, Shahid RazaPresentation
24-10-2019A Cybersecurity Competence Network with Leading Research, Technology, Industrial, and Public Competence, Workshop on "Outlining Future Challenges of Cybersecurity - the CANVAS Results", Burkhard Stiller, UZH disseminationPresentation
23-10-2019TID: Privacy, Anonymity & Tracking of Users from the Online Advertising Ecosystem, Colloquium @ TUDelft, Nicolas KourtellisPresentation
22-10-2019TradeMap: A FINMA-compliant Anonymous Management of an End-2-end Trading Market Place, 15th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM 2019), Sina Rafati Niya, Sebastian Allemann, Arik Gabay, Burkhard Stiller, UZH disseminationPoster
22-10-2019Spanish Participation in European Cybersecurity Competence Network, ENISE 2019, Aljosa PasicPresentation
21-10-2019MENTOR: The Design and Evaluation of a Protection Services Recommender System, 15th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM 2019), Muriel Franco, Bruno Rodrigues, Burkhard StillerPresentation
17-10-2019Project Presentation, Zooming-in on the Service Catalogue, Aljosa PasicPresentation
17-10-2019 C. Hesselman, “Piloting a DDoS Clearing House for Europe”, CONCORDIA Open Door Event, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, Oct 2019Presentation Conference
16-10-2019Update on Economic Aspects of Cybersecurity, Concordia Open Door, Muriel Franco, Bruno Rodrigues, Aljosa Pasic, Burkhard Stiller Presentation
12-10-2019CONCORDIA in a Nutshell, ITASEC 2019, Ernesto DamianiPresentation
10-10-2019TID: TALON: An automated framework for Cross-Device Tracking Detection, Seminar @ BRAVE Browser, Nicolas KourtellisPresentation
09-10-2019TID: Online user tracking and personal data leakage in the big data era, Colloquium @Kings College London, Nicolas KourtellisPresentation
03-10-2019TID: Online user tracking and personal data leakage in the big data era, Colloquium @ University College London, Nicolas KourtellisPresentation
02-10-2019Gabi Dreo at RISE and Ericson Security Day 2019Video
02-10-2019 C. Hesselman and J. Santanna, “Fighting DDoS attacks together on a national scale”, One Conference, The Hague, NL, Oct 2019Presentation Conference
25-09-2019Cross-industry Innovation Ecosystem for Cyber Security, Market-Driven Innovation in R&D, Aljosa PasicPresentation
24-09-2019A Cyber Range in the European context of the CONCORDIA project, TELECOM Nancy Cyber Range Launch Event, Thibault CholezPresentation
16-09-2019Security in smart towns: good practices and results of research projects, Conference "Resilient Cities: between digital and physical world", Tomaž Klobučar, Dušan GabrijelčičPresentation
02-09-2019 C. Hesselman, C. Hesselman, “Mitigation of IoT-based DDoS attacks”, APTLD76, Malasyia, Sep 2019Presentation Conference
26-07-2019CONCORDIA was included in the TUV AUSTRIA Group yearly reportAnnual Report
16-07-2019The drawbacks of blackholing, Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) blogPublication/blogpost
14-07-2019Security Management and Visualization in a Blockchain-based Collaborative Defense, IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (ICBC) (ICBC 2019), Christian Killer, UZHPoster
10-07-2019Presentations of the 4 EU-Pilots CONCORDIA, ECHO, SPARTA, CyberSec4Europe by the Coordinators plus Workshops plus plus, CODE Annual ConferencePresentations / Panel / Workshops
08-07-2019Presentation of Concordia Women in Cyber, IEEE Services 2019 Women in Services Computing Workshop, Barbara CaminatiPresentation
03-07-2019Cybersecurity: Bavaria is helping shape the EU Security UnionBlog
17-06-2019IoT Security Requirements for Application Domains and Certification, IoT Week 2019, Shahid RazaPanel
16-06-2019 C. Hesselman, “Increasing trust in the digital infrastructure through a national DDoS clearing house”, Africa Internet Summit (AIS2019), Kampala, Uganda, June 2019Presentation Conference
14-06-2019Bundeswehr University Munich published in internal Uni magazine
10-06-2019Nothing is free in the web: Transparency on RTB with YourAdvaluetool, Cybersecurity and Privacy (CySeP) Summer School, TID DisseminationPoster
04-06-2019Concordia, SnT Partnership DayPoster
03-06-2019Cyber Autonomous Response, Cyber Threat Detection and Security Automation,ENISA Artificial Intelligence – An opportunity for the EU cyber-crisis management blueprint workshop, Ernesto Damiani, Claudio ArdagnaaPanel
03-06-2019Implementing AI pipelines for Cyber Security, ENISA Artificial Intelligence – An opportunity for the EU cyber-crisis management blueprint workshop, Ernesto Damiani, ClaudioPresentation
28-05-2019C. Hesselman, “Increasing the resilience of the Netherlands’ digital infrastructure together”, ISC2NL Cyber Resilience Event, Amersfoort, The Netherlands, May 2019Presentation Conference
23-05-2019Online user tracking and personal data leakage in the big data era, Colloquium @University of Cyprus, TID DisseminationPresentation
20-05-2019Threat Modeling for Cloud Environment, IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2019, TUD CONCORDIA T1.3 Dissemination Conference
17-05-2019Validating Cyber secure Safety-Critical Software,
Airbus, TUD Industry Dissemination
Industry Seminar
17-05-2019 C. Hesselman, “Mitigating DDoS attacks from botnets through a national DDoS clearing house”, BotLeg Workshop, co-located with TILTing Perspectives 2019, Tilburg, the Netherlands, May 2019Presentation Conference
15-05-2019Strengthen Cybersecurity by an Data-driven Adaptive Approach, Vienna Cybersecurity Week (March 11-15, 2019), Session on "The future of cyber security: research and expectations", Corina SchmittPresentation
14-05-2019Presentation of Concordia Women in Cyber, Women in Sciences: le Scienze con la D maiuscola, Barbara CaminatiPresentation
14-05-2019 "">Towards Holistic IoT Security: Continuous Security Assurance in the Cloud, TUD Dissemination / Invited seminar by Dr Jesus Luna Robert Bosch GmBH,Industry Cooperation
07-05-2019Risks, threats and challenges of Cyberspace, 7th Exposec-Defenseworld ConferencePanel
07-05-2019Kicking & Fixing Software, BT, Turing Institute, TUD Dissemination Industry Seminar
10-04-2019The Big MAC Angle in CyberSecurity: Metrics, Abstractions and Compositions, German Cybersecurity Doctoral Workshop + SiemensKeynote
31-03-2019EU krepi kibernetsko varnost, pri tem sodelujejo tudi slovenski strokovnjaki
Website and Newspaper news
29-03-2019Cybersecurity: An Opportunity for Europe to be a Global Leader, Debate organised by Orgalim, Teknikföretagen and RISE, Shahid RazaPanel
22-03-2019Cyber Security Strategy of Greece: the way ahead, 2nd SAINT workshopPresentation
20-03-2019Protection of Critical Infrastructures - NIS directive, Cyber security workshop, EKDAAPresentation
18-03-2019Journal "Les Tablettes lorraines"Article Journal
15-03-2019Inštitut za informatiko z večmilijonskima projektoma
TV News Report
13-03-2019Inštitut za informatiko na razpisu dobil dva projektaRadio News Report
12-03-2019Inštitut za informatiko na razpisu dobil dva projektaRadio News Report
12-03-2019Evropski projekti za kibernetsko varnost
TV News Report
06-03-2019RISE On-going National and International Cybersecurity Initiatives, 27th meeting of the ENISA Article 13a Expert Group (Open Day), Shahid RazaPresentation
06-03-2019Evropska komisija je najavila začetek projektov na temo kibernetske varnosti iz programa Obzorja 2020 v skupni vrednosti več kot 60 milijonov EUR.
05-03-2019 - 17-03-2019A Systems View on CyberSecurity, Seminars+Meetings, TUD CONCORDIA T1.3 Dissemination Seminars+Meetings
05-03-2019Institute of Informatics at FERI UM acquired two H2020 projects!
05-03-2019Institute of informatics acquired H2020 project CONCORDIA – Cyber Security Competence for Research and Innovation
Website News
05-03-2019The Institute of Informatics acquired two H2020 projects
Website News
04-03-2019Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, računalništvo in informatiko pridobila dva H2020 projekta
Website News
04-03-2019Inštitut za informatiko Fakultete za elektrotehniko, računalniško in informatiko pridobil dva H2020 projekta
Website News
28-02-2019Security in the Smart Grid, Embedded World Conference, TUD Dissemination Panel
27-02-2019Inštitut za informatiko pridobil dva H2020 projekta
Website News
27-02-2019Inštitut za informatiko pridobil H2020 projekt CONCORDIA – Cyber Security Competence for Research and Innovation
Website News
27-02-2019Europa vernetzt sich in der CybersicherheitArticle
26-02-2019CUT: CONCORDIA research project on cyber security in EuropeLocal Press Coverage
26-02-2019CUT: CONCORDIA research project on cyber security in EuropeLocal Press Coverage
26-02-2019CUT: CONCORDIA research project on cyber security in EuropeLocal Press Coverage
26-02-2019CUT: CONCORDIA research project on cyber security in EuropeLocal Press Coverage
26-02-2019CUT: CONCORDIA research project on cyber security in EuropeLocal Press Coverage
23-02-2019C. Hesselman, “Collaboratively increasing the resilience of critical services in the Netherlands through a national DDoS clearing house”, Internet Infrastructure Security Day at APRICOT2019, Daejeon, South Korea, February 23, 2019Presentation
21-02-2019 -28-02-2019Security Hardening of Distributed Software, Seminars, TUD Dissemination of CONCORDIA T1.3 ResearchSeminars
07-02-2019National cyber/ICT security updates, threats to inter-state relations stemming from the use of ICTs and good practices for regional co-operation, OSCE sub-regional trainingPanel
28-01-2019C. Hesselman, "Task 3.2: Piloting a DDoS Clearing House for Europe”, CONCORDIA Kickoff Meeting, Jan 28-29, 2019, München, GermanyPresentation
22-01-2019CONCORDIA's System-Centric Security Approaches, IFIP WG10.4 Workshop on Autonomous SecurityPanel
16-01-2019TUD CyberSecurity Info Workshop: Cyber Techniques for CIP, Techniques for CIP TUD Solicitation of Industry Challenges in CIP CyberSecurit, Industry Workshop