Women in Cyber

Women in Cyber – a Manifesto for TODAY
17th September, Rome

Workshop, ACM WomENcourage 2019

We are currently working on a preliminary version of the Manifesto, which will bring together possible actions to be implemented in support of increasing the number of women in cybersecurity within Europe.
The current version of the manifesto can be downloaded here.
This preliminary version of the Manifesto will be subject to debates further revisions during the workshop and to further revisions right after the discussions.
Representatives of the cybersecurity industry, policy, education, research, legal, entrepreneurship and investment areas are invited to join the workshop and bring their contribution to the discussion with real cases and innovative ideas.
To this end, the workshop format is designed to promote a lively discussion among participants to collect their feedback and to converge on the final version of the Manifesto.


Introduction of the Manifesto from CONCORDIA and ECSO Women4cyber

     by Gabi Dreo (CONCORDIA PI) and Nina Hasratyan (ECSO)




Parallel Focus groups

Audience will be invited to join a focus group, where the discussion is driven by moderators



moderated by

Nina Hasratyan (ECSO)

moderated by

Sara Colnago (Swascan)

moderated by

Madalina Baltatu (Telecom Italia)

moderated by

Regina Llopis (Women Angels for STEAM)
Research and development

moderated by


moderated by

Dimitra Stefanatou (Arthur's Legal)




Final round table

During a final round table, moderators will present the collected inputs and proposed integration/update to the preliminary Manifesto paper.

For any inquiry on workshop organizations please write to Barbara Carminati @ University of Insubria
We invite you to register at ACM WomenENcourage here. One-day pass registration fee is also available!
To date women represent only 24% of the workforce in the cybersecurity domain.
The figure increased over the years, but it is still far from reflecting a balanced representation of both genders.
Taking into account the current circumstances, the workshop aims to provide a forum for engaging with stakeholders from different areas of cybersecurity to agree on a common objectives in view of bridging the gender gap by increasing the number of women in cybersecurity.
The expected workshop outcome is the launch of the
“Women in Cyber – a Manifesto for TODAY” .


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