CONCORDIA Highlights in Legal Aspects of Cybersecurity

CONCORDIA Highlights in
Legal Aspects of Cybersecurity

In CONCORDIA we use a holistic approach to build a comprehensive European cybersecurity ecosystem. Therefore we also focus on the legal aspects of cybersecurity. Here you will find our outputs on this topic.

Legal aspects and Big Picture videos:
Ethics & Accountability in the Digital Age
How to address Pains & Benefits of Digital Regulation?
Double-Loop S.I.M. Digital Ecosystem
The Cybersecurity Chessboard Methodology
Trust and Trustworthiness as Enablers & Differentiators in the Digital Age
CADA formula: Continuous Appropriate Dynamic Accountability
Digital Sovereignty: Not Becoming a Digital Colony
CONCORDIA Stories videos:
European Digital Sovereignty
Cybersecurity Roadmap for Europe by CONCORDIA – Roadmap for Legal and Policy
Blog posts

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