High Security Laboratory


615 rue du jardin
botanique 54600



Around 95 servers, organized in per-project clusters and isolated zones

Cyber-security experimentation and research, Machine learning, Big data,

Secure Data Hosting

Network Telescope (darknet + honeypots): Darknet data (since Nov. 2014), Honeypot data (since 2008), Malwares collected through the honeypots.

Blacklists aggregator (relevant publicly available blacklists (IP, domain, URL))

Security Knowledge Base (various security related standards (CPE, CVE, CWE, CAPEC) and their relationships, available through MongoDB or RESTful API)

On-site access or partial VPN access, access to subsystems can be provided,

Free for non profit usage (NDA and/or acknowledgement required


Technical Director: Frédéric Beck

Mail: frederic.beck@inria.fr

Phone: +33 (0)3 54 95 86 62