CONCORDIA project has fully achieved its objective of building the foundation of the European Secure, Resilient, and Trusted Ecosystem.
The results resp. the legacy of CONCORDIA will provide valuable input not only to the European Cybersecurity Center and the network of National Cybersecurity Centers, and with this, to the whole European cybersecurity community, but allow to build upon them to strengthen and speed-up research, development, and especially innovation.
With this, CONCORDIA contributes to the objective of European digital sovereignty and building a resilient Europe.

Gabi Dreo, CONCORDIA Project Coordinator


We structured our 20 outcomes into five categories – Policy, Tools, Education, Pilots, and Certification. The sixth category is focused on Research and contains 28 selected publications.

The contribution of the CONCORDIA project is not limited to these highlighted outcomes. Please check the official deliverables to understand what we delivered in CONCORDIA.