RISE Cyber Range

RISE Cyber Range is a part of RISE’s cybersecurity test and demo arena, a physical facility in Stockholm, with a critical infrastructure grade security. It offers a trusted place for Swedish and EU industry and public sector to learn and solve their cybersecurity needs. RISE Cyber Range aims at providing practical cybersecurity education, training and exercise; allows creation of sector-specific verticals for incidence/response handling; an environment for state-of-the-art applied cybersecurity research and development; a forum to participate and organize international ethical hacking and capture-the-flag competitions, and a test and validation facility for cybersecurity certification (RISE is already an approved safety and security certification body in Sweden)

Research Institutes of Sweden

KISTA Stockholm, Sweden

Provided Services

Education of Students
Training of Professionals
Cyber Defense Exercises
Cybersecurity Research
Testing of
Cybersecurity Certification

Cooperation models

  • Cybersecurity training, education, and exercises
  • Creation and continuous monitoring of digital replica of specific (critical) sectors
  • Security analysis/testing of (pre- and post-release) digital products/services
  • Organization of Capture-the-Flag events and other competitions
  • State-of-the-art cybersecurity research environment
  • Cybersecurity certification (Test and Validation lab)– EU Cybersecurity Act


Cloud-based (private cloud)
Cloud-based (public cloud)

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