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Be aware of the EU cybersecurity landscape.

Cybersecurity Updates

Subscribe to our social media channels and receive cybersecurity contents in your feeds including references to the latest facts on international research, EU laws, economic aspects, funding opportunities.

Cybersecurity Experts

Invite our academic, industrial, legal, and technical experts to your event and listen to amazing talks, or let them join your panels and make the discussion even more productive.

Cybersecurity Research

Check out our scientific publications on user-, application-, software-, network-, and device- centric security.

Cybersecurity Improvements

Give a look to our deliverables, reports, and white papers and follow the improvements CONCORDIA is providing to the EU cybersecurity world.

Cybersecurity Skills

Find on our map the courses, trainings, and cyber-ranges of your interest to develop and/or test your cyber-skills.

Women in Cybersecurity

Support women and diversity in cybersecurity by reading, applying, and spreading our Manifesto.

Cybersecurity Tools

Find the right tool for your cybersecurity work in our highly organized database.

Start-up Guidance

Get in touch with us and grow your business thought our suggested incubators, accelerators, partnerships, and more.

Instruments Guidance

Ask for support in your policy work and receive updated insights on new technologies and other trends in cybersecurity.

Career Opportunities

Check out our open positions in both academy and industry and develop your career in cybersecurity.


Engage with CONCORDIA partners and benefit from EU collaborations.

Promotion Pact

Contact us and promote your courses, trainings, cyber-ranges, tools, open positions on our EU network.

Research Pact

Contact us and start a research collaboration with us on on user-, application-, software-, network-, or device- centric security.

Industry Pact

Contact us and bring your industrial use cases and challenges so that we can face them together with the EU cybersecurity competencies.

Community Pact

Contact us and join one of our focus groups to discuss the needs and actions for the improvements of the European cybersecurity landscape.


Lead the EU cybersecurity competences integration.

CONCORDIA Partnership

Contact us and become a CONCORDIAn benefiting from a dynamic ecosystem, working together with highly qualified EU universities, industries, public bodies, and organizations.