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CONCORDIA can make our experts in different fields of cybersecurity available for your event. You can ask us for talks, panelists, and much more for technical, legal, business topics. Send us an email with your request and detail about your event. We will come back to you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, have a look to the public list of CONCORDIA experts below.

Prof.Dr.Gabi Dreo RodosekCoordinator of CONCORDIA, Professor for Communication Systems and Network Security at the Bundeswehr University Munich and the Founding Director of the Research Institute CODEBundeswehr University Munich Research Institute CODEMunichAI-based network security, Software-Defined Networks, 5G/6G, Moving Target DefenceLINKLINK
Prof.Ernesto DamianiCenter for Cyber-Physical Systems (C2PS), Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Computer Science Department, Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy)Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesSecurity and Assurance of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models, Cyber-Physical Systems security, cyber threats and attacksLINKLINK
Dr.Cristian HesselmanDirectorSIDN LabsArnhem, NetherlandsInternet measurements, Internet security and stability, future internet infrastructuresLINKLINK
Dr.João CeronNetwork Security Research Engineer SIDN LabsArnhem, NetherlandsDNS, BGP, anycast, DDoS, malware analysis, botnets, honeypotsLINKLINK
Mr.George DrivasHead of National Cyber Security AuthorityGreek Ministry of Digital GovernanceAthens, GreeceCybersecurity Governance, Critical Infrastructure Security, Risk ManagementLINK
Dr.Leandros MaglarasCybersecurity expert, Senior Lecturer @ DMUGreek Ministry of Digital GovernanceAthens, GreeceIntrusion Detection Systems, Industrial Network Security
Dr.Nicolas KourtellisTelefonica ResearchBarcelona, SpainCyberPrivacy (PII leakage detection and propagation, privacy-preserving ML such as differential privacy and federated learning), CyberSafety (aggressive / inappropriate / fake content detection and propagation on social media)LINKLINKLINK
Mr.Mario Maawad MarcosDirector of Security Innovation & TransformationCaixaBankBarcelona, SpainFinancial Sector - IT security and data privacy. Regulation. Cyberthreat Intelligence. Cloud SecurityLINKLINK
Dr.Ramon Martín de PozueloProject Manager at Security Innovation & TransformationCaixaBankBarcelona, SpainFinancial Sector - IT security and data privacy. Cyberthreat Intelligence. Cloud SecurityLINKLINK
Prof.Thorsten HolzRuhr-Universität BochumBochum, GermanySystems security, with a focus on software security and automated vulnerability assessmentLINKLINK
Dr.Thomas KowollT-Systems International GmbH - Telekom SecurityBonn, GermanyThreat Intelligence, Service Management
Dr.Daniel TovarňákKYPO technical leaderMasaryk UniversityBrno, Czech RepublicCyber Ranges, Data ArchitecturesLINKLINK
Mr.Jakub ČeganMasaryk UniversityBrno, Czech RepublicCyber Ranges, Cyber Defence Exercises, Cyber Security TrainingsLINKLINK
Ing.Jiri KnapekFlowmon Networks a.s.Brno, Czech RepublicTCP/IP, routing, switching, network traffic monitoring, analysis, anomaly detection, DDoS protection
Dr.Pavel MinaríkFlowmon Networks a.s.Brno, Czech RepublicTCP/IP, routing, switching, network traffic monitoring, analysis, anomaly detection, DDoS protection LINK
Mrs.Felicia CutasProject LeadEIT DigitalBrussels, BelgiumEducation for industry professionalsLINKLINK
Mrs.Elena BurceanuManager of the Theoretical Research in AI and Crypto LabBitdefenderBucharest, RomaniaCybersecurity / Machine learning applications for unsupervised video object tracking and segmentation, cryptography.LINK
Mr.Adam NagyEötvös Loránd UniversityBudapest, Hungarylocation based securityLINK
Dr.Attila KovacsEötvös Loránd UniversityBudapest, HungaryCryptography, KleptographyLINK
Dr.Peter BurcsiEötvös Loránd UniversityBudapest, Hungaryquantum-resistent cryptographic protocols, cryptocurrenciesLINK
Dr.Peter LigetiEötvös Loránd UniversityBudapest, HungarySecret sharing, security of distributed systems, secure
Dr.Viktoria VillanyiEötvös Loránd UniversityBudapest, HungaryDigital signatures, Cryptography, Attribute based securityLINK
Dr.Michael SirivianosCyprus University of TechnologyCyprus, GreeceTrust-aware design of distributed system, device-centric authentication, federated identity management, discrimination based on personal data, cybersafety, transactional workload scalability, measurement of blockchain systemLINKLINK
Dr.Sotirios ChatzisAssistant Professor, Director of Social Computing Research CenterCyprus University of TechnologyCyprus, Greecehierarchical models and approximate Bayesian inference for uncertainty-aware and memory-efficient deep learningLINKLINK
Prof.Aiko PrasUniversity of TwenteEnschede, the NetherlandsNetwork security, DNS security, DDoS detection and mitigation, Education in Network securityLINKLINK
Dr.Anna SperottoUniversity of TwenteEnschede, the NetherlandsNetwork security, DNS security, DDoS detection and mitigation, Education in Network securityLINK
Dr.Mattijs JonkerUniversity of TwenteEnschede, the NetherlandsNetwork security, DNS security, DDoS detection and mitigationLINKLINK
Dr.-Ing.Christian KeilDFN-CERT Services GmbHHamburg, GermanyEarly Warning Systems, Network and metadata analysis, DDoS and botnet behaviour
Mr.Jan KohlraruschSenior Incident Handler, ResearcherDFN-CERT Services GmbHHamburg, GermanyHoneypots, Threat Intelligence, Network Forensics
Mr.Bogdan PrelipceanTeam Lead within the Cyber Threat Intelligence LabBitdefenderIasi, RomaniaCybersecurity / Model-checking techniques for malware detection.LINK
Dr.Dragos GAVRILUTDirector of the Cyber Threat Intelligence LabBitdefenderIasi, RomaniaCybersecurity / Machine learning applications for malware detection and clustering, big data analytics, reverse engineering and compilers. LINK
Prof.Sabine RadomskiDeutsche Telekom AG – Hochschule für TelekommunikationLeipzig, Germanysoftware quality, test automation, artificial intelligence, cloud computing orchestration, cloud computing scalabilityLINKLINK
Dr.Dušan GabriječičJozef Stefan InstituteLjubljana, SloveniaCritical Infrastructure Security, Distributed network security
Dr.Samed BajrićJozef Stefan InstituteLjubljana, SloveniaCryptographyLINK
Dr.Tanja PavleskaJozef Stefan InstituteLjubljana, SloveniaTrust and reputation systems design, Entereprise Architecture Security, Behavior analysis in online recommendation systems, Misinformation and Disinformation regulatory frameworksLINK
Prof.Tomaž KlobučarJozef Stefan InstituteLjubljana, SloveniaeID, e-learning
Prof.Emil LupuHead of the Resilient Information Systems Security (RISS) GroupImperial College LondonLondon, UKIoT security, Security of cyber-physical systems, resilience, adversarial AI, access controlLINK
Dr.Luis Muñoz-GonzálezImperial College LondonLondon, UKadversial machine learning, security of AI, AI for security, federated machine learning, machine learningLINKLINK
Dr.Antonio Ken IannilloInterdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and TrustLuxembourg, LuxembourgSoftware verification, Fuzz testing, ARM TrustZone-M, Robot Operating System (ROS) cybersecurity, Ethereum Smart Contract verification LINKLINKLINK
Prof.Radu Statehead of Service and Data Management (SEDAN) research groupInterdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and TrustLuxembourg, LuxembourgCloud orchestration, monitoring and management, Data analytics for security and performance monitoring, Blockchain paradigms for distributed and secure service platforms, Machine Learning, Network Function Virtualization, Network and System Security, Real Time CommunicationsLINKLINKLINK
Dr.Roberto PrietoChief Education OfficerEIT DigitalMadrid, Spainstrategies for development and deployment of Master programs, Summer Schools, PhD programs, Education for ProfessionalsLINK
Mr.Jose Francisco Ruiz RodriguezCybersecurity engineer and Technical Project ManagerAtosMadrid, Spaindata protection, cybersecurity for financial sector, cybersecurity for SMEsLINKLINK
Mr.Rodrigo Diaz RodriguezHead of Cybersecurity UnitAtosMadrid, Spaincybersecurity in IoT, incident detection, threat intelligenceLINK
Dr.Urška KežmahUniversity of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science AND
dr. Urška Kežmah Law Office
Maribor, Sloveniaprivacy and data protection, media law, digital signatures, authentication, electronic contracting, computer or cyber crime and security, cross-border eCommerceLINKLINK
Mr.Blaz PodgorelecUniversity of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceMaribor, SloveniaBlockchain technology incl. Decentralized applications and Smart Contracts, Digital identity incl. Decentralized identities, Verifiable Credentials, Decentralized IdentifiersLINKLINK
Dr.Lili Nemec ZlatolasUniversity of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceMaribor, SloveniaUser aspects on privacy and security while using internet, User privacyLINKLINK
Prof.Muhamed TurkanovičUniversity of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceMaribor, SloveniaSecurity of Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain, Authentication protocolsLINK
Prof.Tatjana WelzerUniversity of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceMaribor, SloveniaCybersecurity Education, Ethics, Cultural issues, Databases modelingLINKLINK
Dr.Marco CremoniniDepartment of Social and Political Sciences, Università degli Studi di MilanoMilan, ItalyRisk Analysis and Management, Dynamic Social Networks, Stochastic Multi-agent ModellingLINK
Prof.Claudio Agostino ArdagnaComputer Science Department, Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy)Milan, ItalySecurity and Assurance of Cloud and IoT environments, Security Certification and Compliance of distributed systems, IoT trustworthiness, cyber threats and attacksLINKLINKLINK
Prof.Marco AnisettiComputer Science Department, Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy)Milan, ItalySecurity Certification and Compliance of traditional, Cloud and IoT systems. Security Audit and assessment. DevSecOps, testing and monitoring, Cybersecurity threats and attacksLINK
Mrs.Argyro ChatzopoulouTÜV Trust IT GmbHMunich, GermanySecurity Assessment, Data Protection, Information Security and Cybersecurity Auditing, Information Security and Cybersecurity Consulting, Common Criteria Evaluation, Certification, Standardization, Instruction of related practical and theoretical coursesLINK
Mr.Hendrik DettmerHead of IoT Security LabTÜV Trust IT GmbHMunich, GermanyIoT Security, IoT Security Assessment, Data Protection, Security Architecture, Information Security and Cybersecurity Auditing, Information Security and Cybersecurity Consulting, Common Criteria Evaluation, CertificationLINK
Dr.Marco CaselliSiemens AGMunich, Germanysecurity monitoring and detection, publicly-founded security projects, Cyber Threat IntelligenceLINK
Dr.Detlef HoudeauSenior DirerctorrInfineon Technologies AGMunich, GermanySecurity Regulation in China, USA and Europe; reviewer for EU public funding projects on IT-securityLINK
Dr.Florian SchreinerSenior Automotive Securrity and System ArchitectInfineon Technologies AGMunich, GermanyTrusted Platform Module and ISO/IEC 11889 Standard, incl. application knowledgeLINK
Mr.Markus JankeSenior Principal Product and System SecurityInfineon Technologies AGMunich, GermanyHacking and attacks on secure elements, smart cards, embedded security systemsLINK
Mr.Sebastian ColleHead of Product SecurityInfineon Technologies AGMunich, GermanySecurity certification, for example like ISO/IEC 15408 (Common Criteria); equipment, processes and evaluation; workflow with public authoritiesLINK
Dr.Thomas PöppelmannSenior Staff Engineer Security Architecture and CryptographyInfineon Technologies AGMunich, GermanyPQC standards, algorithms, technologies and international researchLINK
Mr.Victor Unai Ruiz Queroeesy-innovation GmbHMunich, GermanySecurity on lowel levels of architectures/embedded systems, network/protocol security
Mr. Alexander Dennis LauxProgram managerAirbus Cybersecurity GmbHMunich, GermanyCybersecurity in the Future Combat Air System (FCAS)LINK
Mrs. Cora PernerCybersecurity Aeronautics ArchitectAirbus Cybersecurity GmbHMunich, GermanyCybersecurity for aeronautical systems LINKLINK
Dr.Frank Max SchubertTeam Lead Defence and Aerospace SecurityAirbus Cybersecurity GmbHMunich, GermanySecurity of satellite systems and their ground and user segments, Protection of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of satellite-based services and associated data, Security of satellite communication and satellite navigation systems, Security of communication linksLINK
Prof. Jean-Yves Marion University of LorraineNancy, FranceMalware, Botnet, Ransomware, Reverse Engineerring, Formal MethodsLINKLINKLINK
Prof.Rémi BadonnelUniversity of LorraineNancy, FranceNetwork and Service Management, Vulnerability Assessment, Network SecurityLINK
Dr.Thibault CholezUniversity of LorraineNancy, FranceNetwork analytics, encrypted traffic monitoring, information-centric networking, blockchain networks, P2P networksLINKLINKLINK
Dr.Hai Thanh NguyenSenior Scientist, Professor @ NTNUTelenor GroupOslo, NorwayMobile security, Mobile Fraud, Anomaly Detection, Machine Learning for securityLINK
Prof.Thanh van DoSenior Scientist, Professor @ OsloMetTelenor GroupOslo, NorwayMobile network security, SIM (Subscriber Identity Module), APT (Advanced Persistent Attacks), Anomaly detectionLINK
Prof.Audun JøsangDepartment of Informatics, University of OsloOslo, NorwayInformation Security, Subjective LogicLINK
Dr.Laszlo ErdodiDepartment of Informatics, University of OsloOslo, NorwayEthical hacking, software vulnerabilities and exploitationLINK
Prof.Nils GruschkaDepartment of Informatics, University of OsloOslo, NorwayNetwork Security, Privacy, Data ProtectionLINK
Mr.Vasileios MavroeidisDepartment of Informatics, University of OsloOslo, NorwayCyber threat intelligence, security orchestration automation and
response (SOAR)
Prof.Stefan KatzenbeisserrUniversity of PassauPassau, GermanyApplied cryptography, hardware security, railway securityLINK
Dr.Kostantinos LampropoulosUniversity of PatrasPatras, GreeceIdentity Management, Identity Discovery, Blockchain technologiesLINK
Prof.Odysseas KoufopavlouUniversity of PatrasPatras, GreeceHardware security, Hardware design, VLSI, high performance communication subsystems architectureLINK
Dr.Apostolos FouornarisINDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS INSTITUTE/Research Center ATHENAPatras, GreeceSide Channel and Microarchitectural attacks and Coutneremeasures, Secure hardware and trusted platforms, embedded and cyber-physical systems security, Cryptographic EngineeringLINK
Dr.Aris LalosINDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS INSTITUTE/Research Center ATHENAPatras, GreecePrivacy preservation, False data injection attack protection and trust, Adaptive filtering algorithms; accelerated deep learning; distributed signal processing and learningLINK
Prof.Dimitrios SerpanosINDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS INSTITUTE/Research Center ATHENAPatras, GreeceSecure hardware and trusted platforms, embedded and cyber-physical systems security and safety (incl. defense against false data injection attacks), application security, runtime monitoring for security and safety, malware analysisLINK
Prof.Shahid RazaDirector of Cybersecurity, founder and leader of RISE Cyber RangeResearch Institutes of SwedenStockholm, SwedenIoT
Dr.Luis BarrigaPrincipal ResearcherEricsson ResearchStockholm, Swedencybersecurity in mobile networks, IoT security, ML/AI for IoT Security, Security for ML/AI, Confidential Ccomputing, 3GPP Security standardizatioonLINKLINK
Mr.Fabio PianesiHead of External Collaboration EIT DigitalTrento, Italyecosystem building, start-up support and open innovationLINK
Mr.Julien MascoloCentro Ricerche FIATTurin, ItalyManufacturing and logistics processes cybersecurity expert
Prof.Barbara CarminatiDepartment of Theoretical and Applied Science, University of InsubriaVarese, ItalyPrivacy, Access control, trust managementLINKLINKLINK
Prof.Elena FerrariFull ProfessorDepartment of Theoretical and Applied Science, University of InsubriaVarese, ItalyPrivacy enhancing techniques; protection fron insider threaths, Blockchain, trust management, security techniques for Iot, social networks and web services, machine learning for cybersecurityLINKLINK
Dr.Daniela PöhnSenior ResearcherResearch Institute CODEMunich, GermanyIT security, especially identity management, and network managementLINKLINKLINK
Mr. Paolo De LutiisICT security specialistTelecom ItaliaItalyICT security specialist, Critical Vulnerability management, Threat intelligenceLINKLINKLINK
Mr.Bernardo SantosResearcher, PhD Student Oslo Metropolitan University Oslo, NorwayWeb/Mobile development, Security, Location Awareness and Physical Tracking, 5G Networks, IoT, Identity Management, Machine Learning and Anomaly Detection,LINKLINKLINK
Prof.Dr.Burkhard Stiller​Leader of the Communication Systems Group CSG of the Department of Informatics IfI University of Zürich UZHZürich, SwitzerlandCharging and accounting of Internet services, systems with a fully decentralized control (blockchains, clouds), network and service management, economic management, telecommunication economics, and IoT (security and supply chains
Mr.Muriel Figueredo FrancoJunior ResearcherUniversity of Zurich UZH, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandCybersecurity, economics, blockchains, and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)LINKLINK
Mr. Bruno RodriguesJunior Researcher, PHD CanditateUniversity of Zürich UZH, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandCybersecurityLINKLINKLINK
Mr.Aljosa Pasic
Technology Transfer DirectorATOSMadrid, SpainInformation Security, CybersecurityLINK
Dr.Arthur van der WeesManaging Director of Arthur's Legal B.V.Arthur's LegalAmsterdam, The NetherlandsSenior lawyer, standardization expert, entrepreneur, strategist, technologist, investor and frequent speaker worldwideLINKLINKLINK
Dr.Vassilis PrevelakisProfessorTU BraunschweigGermanyAutomation network security, secure software design, auto-configuration issues in secure VPNs, etc.LINK
Mr.Marinos TsantekidisPhD CandidateInstitute of Computer and Network Engineering at TU BraunschweigGermanySecurity at the operating system levelLINK
Mr.Pascal SteichenCEO of SECURITYMADEIN.LUCybersecurity Agency for the Luxembourg Economy and MunicipalitiesLuxemburgCybersecurityLINKLINK
Mrs.Anja MajstorovicHead of developmenteesy-innovation GmbH companyGermanyIoT for Smart Home, Smart Health and Safety and Security applicationsLINKLINK