Nicolas Kourtellis

Nicolas Kourtellis, Ph.D.

Short Bio

Dr. Nicolas Kourtellis is a Research Scientist in the Telefonica R&D team, in Barcelona. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of South Florida (2012). He has done research @Yahoo Labs & @Telefonica Research, on online user behavior modeling & internet measurements of distributed systems, with 60+ published peer-reviewed papers. Lately, he focuses on CyberPrivacy (web transparency, user online privacy, exposing PII leaks to 3rd-parties of advertising ecosystem in the post-GDPR era, privacy-preserving ML), and CyberSafety (modeling and detecting abusive and inappropriate content on social media using data mining and ML methods).

In the CONCORDIA project: Dr. Kourtellis, within Tasks 1.5 and 2.1, studies the tracking of users on the Web, and how to block the leakage of their private data via different advertising protocols such as the real-time bidding, cookie synchronization and cross-device tracking. He also studies how ML models can be built in a privacy-preserving fashion, without user data leaks to centralized centers (e.g., using federated learning coupled with differential privacy methods). He also leads the Task 5.1 on incubators and accelerators and how to help partners move innovative results from research to market.