Secure 5G4IoT Lab: 5G cellular IoT


Oslo, Norway


The Secure 5G4ioT Lab is a unique initiative which focuses on accelerating the development of a secure 5G mobile network capable of accommodating the next wave of communication, namely the communication between billion of Internet of Things (IoT) Devices.

Situated in the premises of the Oslo Metropolitan University, the Secure 5G4IoT Lab (part of the ASN Research Group) focuses on establishment of 5G and beyond interoperable networks, Cloud infrastructure for mobile communications, Edge computing, Network Slicing, Security and IoT support. Among these traits lays an in-depth knowledge, shared between the research fellows in the lab. The members of the Secure 5G4IoT Lab are continuously working on discovering new and improving existing use-cases; I .e, applications for Smart Infrastructure, Smart Homes, Industrial, Automotive, Healthcare sectors etc.  The Secure 5G4IoT Lab is actively publishing new papers and attending relevant conferences in the field

To accomplish its mission Secure 5G4IoT lab has identified the following research areas:

  • Virtualization of the mobile network
  • Isolated Adaptable Network slices
  • Cross layer security using AI and Machine learning
  • Cross layer Identity Management for IoT; Unification of IoT verticals

The Access to services can be granted to collaborating organisations upon agreement