Utilis CCS: Cyber Conflict Simulator Lab



Cyber Conflict Simulator (CCS) is a software system designed to prepare cyber security incident response teams in both civil and military sectors for an incident. It enables modelling of a cyber environment consisting of IT/OT systems, business processes, services and people the way that they are in real world. The cyber environment is used to perform an exercise where the cyber-attack is simulated. 

The attack can be carried out according to predefined scenarios and prepared steps or with the active participation of a red team. Participants of an exercise may be in one group or separated into different roles – i.e. incident manager, business process owners, senior management, IT team, etc. They assign tasks to members of their virtual team – actors. These actors report on their tasks, and the participants decide on further actions based on these reports. 

The simulation enables conducting exercises for the entire team or just a part of it. It can simulate cyber-incident that lasts for days in a period of few hours.

CCS enables checking the level of readiness of an organization to respond to cyber incidents. It helps with testing the robustness of the IT system and in preparing the most important part of any cyber defense – the people.

Cyber Conflict Simulator is developed by Utilis Ltd. in cooperation with the University of Zagreb.

Exercises can be arranged by contacting Utilis.


Information at: https://ccs.utilis.biz/