Thanh van Do

Prof. Thanh van Do

Short Bio

Prof. Dr. Do Van Thanh obtained his MSc in Electronic and Computer Sciences from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and his PhD in Informatics from the University of Oslo. In 1991 he joined Ericsson R&D Department in Oslo after 7 years of R&D at Norsk Data, a minicomputer manufacturer in Oslo. In 2000 he joined Telenor R&D and has been working with a variety fields such as distributed computing, mobile service personalisation, mobile commerce, privacy and security. He is now at the Telenor Research and in charge of Cyber security, Identity Management and SIM research activities. He has been project leader of multiple EU research projects and member of multiple conference technical committees. He is also professor at the Department of Computer Science at the Oslo Metropolitan University. He is author of over 250 publications at international conferences and journals. He is also inventor of 22 patents.

I am leader of Task T2.1: Telecom Sector: Threat Intelligence for the Telco Sector and has the responsibility of ensure that the objectives of T2.1 are achieved according the time schedule. For that, internal meetings both physical and online have been organized to acquire a common understanding of the task’s goals and to elaborate an overall architecture which includes all the three telecom use cases. One of the goals of T2.1 is to contribute to the establishment of a strong threat intelligence community and to accomplish it I have organized several meetings and a workshop with Work Package 1 to promote the Telecom use cases and to encourage collaboration between academia in WP1 and industry in T2.1.

As the leader of the Telenor use case: Preventing Flood attacks on the mobile network I mobilize and establish the participation and collaboration between several partners such as OsloMet, Ericsson, Flowmon, TUB and RICE. The work was progressing well until the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown really block the establishment of the mobile testbed. Although the activities have been resumed there are still of to be done to get back to the same situation as before the pandemic due to the loss and damage of equipment.