New shape of health care with Edge devices

New shape of health care with Edge devices

Edge computing has been one of the key digital transformations in the last year and it is reshaping health care by bringing medicine into a new direction. Bringing big data processing and storage closer to the source helps to better analyse and collect data as well as improving the accuracy and speed of diagnoses. Robust security and advanced virtualization technologies are crucial in these systems since they must ensure that critical operations are executed reliably and deterministically. Furthermore,   sensitive patient data must also be protected from leakage or exposure.

Medical applications and devices belong to most sensitive groups of the systems. Running these applications in the cloud is perceived as unsafe due to the sensitivity of patient data.

Processing data at the Edge (at devices or networks in the clinic, hospital, or even directly on patient devices outside of clinical settings) can successfully reduce the amount of sensitive data transmitted between patient and healthcare provider. Edge processing can also reduce the cost and strain on bandwidth by limiting the amount of data that is sent to healthcare providers. All this enables healthcare providers to diagnose and to begin treating patients earlier and faster, increasing the treatment success and patient satisfaction rate

Edge helps with transmission times

Latest advancements in technology allow the generation of massive quantities of data. The need for transmitting this data faster and more secure is growing in order to prevent access to malicious individuals.

Edge computing has potential to improve data transmission times based on the speed of fifth generation (5G) communication which transmits data with low latency and high bandwidth. This would significantly help obtaining a quicker and faster respond from healthcare entities. Reducing the distance of data transmission can lower the chances for cybercriminals to intercept it. Therefore, Edge computing can pave the way for the highest levels of medical security and regularity compliance.

Safe processing of medical data with Edge

Processing of digitalized medical data is increasing together with the risk of cyberattacks and  data breaches. Different technical solutions are needed in this regards in order to ensure an adequate protection of medical data. One of such solutions, proposed by ENISA, is pseudonymization.

Big data, AI and Edge processing are becoming major players in health care. The future of medical technology is bringing faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment by paramedics. Furthermore, Edge processing can assist doctors in their tasks or even take over some of them . For this reason, it critical to address all potential cybersecurity attacks and work further on patient data protection.

Together with universities and industrial partners, we are focusing on building a strong competence network to bring benefits that will promote Europe’s digital sovereignty, boost security and improve quality of life. 

(By Anja Majstorovic, eesy-innovation GmbH)