Eötvös Loránd University

Profile: ELTE is Hungary’s most prestigious university with the richest traditions and the highest international rankings in the country. The Faculty of Informatics of Eötvös Loránd University is the youngest faculty (2003) of the oldest Hungarian university (1635). Almost 3000 students decided to study computer science here. Usually, we have four times more student applications than available places. The high standard of training is guaranteed by the highly qualified academic staff. The teaching is supported by modern infrastructure and well equipped computer labs (artificial intelligence, databases and robotics). In addition to the high level of theoretical training, our relationship with the business community, the joint research and development projects offer up-to-date practical knowledge and experience to the students.

ELTE Faculty of Informatics is involved in and shares international projects with the top universities of the European Union. The several master programs (Autonomous Systems, Cyber Security, Data Science, Fintech) of ELTE Faculty of Informatics were developed in accordance with EIT Digital technical majors, within European excellence network of top technical universities. Due to EIT partnership, master programs of ELTE are fully transferable with and conform to the high-quality standards of Computer Science programs of leading European universities. We offer a Cyber Security Master Program with Applied Cryptography specialization at ELTE. The specialization focuses on the general ideas, techniques and methods of applied cryptography as well as on the theoretical background and solid knowledge, putting security in a wider context. Students will learn advanced cryptography and its applications and protocols, economics of security and privacy. ELTE is also proud to have the biggest Doctoral School of EIT Digital.

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