Profile: Around 20 years after RUAGs foundation, the Swiss Federal Council decided in 2018 to separate the technology group in two independent business units. This unbundling was celebrated in November 2019. Since the beginning of 2020, RUAG Ltd and RUAG International Holding Ltd are operating independently.

We at RUAG play a vital role in keeping Switzerland secure. Because we know that security matters. Our extensive product and service portfolio includes customized subsystems and components for tracked and wheeled vehicles, jets, helicopters and anti-aircraft systems. We also provide reliable information and communications solutions, not to mention comprehensive maintenance and repair services.

One of our core competencies includes ensuring the availability of secure, reliable instruments for communication, reconnaissance and surveillance. We are specialists in endto- end life-cycle management: With our holistic approach to solutions, we offer product- and vendor-neutral advice, along with the very latest products and services. As a materials, technology and logistics center, we perform maintenance and undertake modernization work and upgrades to maximize system service life.

As a vendor-neutral full-service partner with extensive technology knowledge in the field of C4ISTAR and Homeland ICT, we provide requirements-led solutions and services. One of our responsibilities is to integrate and operate the information, communication and management systems of the Swiss Armed Forces and civilian emergency services. We are also responsible for maintaining these systems for the duration of their use.

Technological know-how and wide-ranging professional capabilities are key factors in RUAG’s success. The majority of our customers are national and international armed forces, authorities and civil security organizations, but also private organizations and companies.

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