What is it and what is it intended for?

The DDoS Clearing House is a platform used for sharing measurements of DDoS (meta) data between organizations. By sharing data and expertise of DDoS attacks, organizations broaden their view of the DDoS landscape to an ecosystem wide one, which enables a more proactive and collaborative stance in fighting DDoS attacks. We piloted the system in the Netherlands and Italy, and it will be deployed in production in the Dutch anti-DDoS coalition.

Why is it important?

DDoS attacks cost organizations tons of money and resources. DDoS Clearing House enables institutions to share the characteristics of the DDoS attacks they handle. With a broader scope on the DDoS landscape, organizations know better what kinds of DDoS attack are out there, and are able to better prepare for attack that have not yet hit them, in the end saving service downtime.

Where can we find more information about this?

  1. The DDoS Clearing House Cookbook is a document in which we describe the platforms inner workings, as well as its use in practice. You can find it here.
  2. Check out our video about the pilot.
  3. All the software is open-source on Github.