What is it and what is it intended for?

CONCORDIA Financial Threat Intelligence Platform is adapted to the financial entities’ needs. It provides a set of add-ons that work over MISP enhancing security and privacy when threat intelligence information between entities is being exchanged. The dashboard has several functionalities, such as defining concrete and fine-granular sharing groups to change the data and selecting encryption or anonymization details for specific IoC types and fields. It can also automate the anonymised information sharing process and score the incoming IoCs based on threats trends.

Why is it important?

All the platform features allow entities to be much more flexible in the information-sharing process. We believe this solution will foster Europe’s cyber threat intelligence sharing market growth. Information sharing is the key to managing and mitigating cyber risks.

Where can we find more information about this?

  1. Check out our video.
  2. You can also check a summary here.