What is it and what is it intended for?

Flowmon Probe QUIC plug-in – capability to identify QUIC traffic in the network, extract server name indication (SNI) from handshake and export the SNI as part of enriched metadata using IPFIX protocol.

Why is it important?

QUIC is a new and emerging protocol to deliver web content to users thus the ability to understand its usage patterns are essential for network operations and network security. Ability to decrypt and extract SNI will help security professional to fight attacks and cyber threats. The result as such was recognized among top CONCORDIA project results and will be published on the EU Innovation Radar Platform. Moreover, Flowmon Networks will prioritize this result and QUIC monitoring based on the result will be available to all Flowmon user and customer based as part of Flowmon 12.2 expected to be released till end of 2022.