Evangelos OUZOUNIS

Dr. Evangelos OUZOUNIS

Short Bio

Dr. Evangelos OUZOUNIS is the head of ENISA’s Policy Development and Implementation Unit.

His unit leads ENISA’s efforts in the area of NIS Directive (NISD). It assists the Commission and Member States towards a harmonised implementation of the Directive at horizontal, as well as, at sectorial level (e.g. energy, health, finance). The team also actively supports Member States and Commission on the NISD 2 negotiations, as well as, on DORA and Electricity Network Code and facilitates the development of pan European information exchanges (e.g. ISACs). 

Dr. Ouzounis is also responsible for Telecom Security. His team has contributed to the development of the 5G toolbox as well as assisted EU Telecom Competent Authorities in the implementation of Electronic Communications Code (EECC).

His responsibilities also include Trust Services and more specifically the eIDAs regulation. His team now contributes to EU efforts to develop a toolbox for digital wallets and also assist MS and Commission in the implementation of the eIDAS framework through numerous good practices and recommendations.

Additionally, Dr Ouzounis is responsible for the area of data protection and privacy. His team has issued several good practices in the area Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) and runs the prestigious Annual Privacy Forum (APF).

Dr Ouzounis and his team now develop a Cyber Security Policy Observatory that would provide evidence based guidelines and recommendations to emerging EU policy initiatives and support the process through the whole life cycle.

Prior to his position at ENISA, Dr. Ouzounis worked several years at the European Commission (DG Connect) and co-founded Fraunhofer-FOKUS’ Electronic Commerce Centre of Competence (ECCO) in Berlin, Germany. He has managed more than 15 international R&D projects, served as evaluator of EU funded projects, and chaired numerous international academic conferences.

Dr. Ouzounis holds a Ph.D from the Technical University of Berlin and a Master and Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering from the Technical University of Patras, Greece.