Kanellopoulou Anna

Anna Kanellopoulou

Short Bio

I hold a BSc degree from the Department of Electronic Computer Systems Engineering of the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences and I currently am an MSc student in Cybersecurity in the Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering of the University of West Attica. I have worked as an IT officer for over a decade for Greece’s leading provider of electronic, communication, and hybrid power systems in the defense and security areas (INTRACOM Defense). My major activities were related to Programs Design and Management. During my career in the public sector, I have served in different Organizations, among them, the largest Health Insurance Organization in Greece where I managed and supported IT projects throughout their life cycle. At the Ministry of Digital Governance, I continue my active and leading participation in large-scale IT projects (eg. Central Document Management System for the public sector). Especially, related to CEF projects, I participated in the project SEAL as the representative on behalf of the Ministry. Currently, I work as an officer of the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCSA) of Greece with responsibilities related to the participation of NCSA in Horizon and CEF programs (CONCORDIA, PHOENI2X, JCOP), where I apply my experience and knowledge earned from my previous posts. I also hold certification as a Lead Auditor for Business Continuity (ISO-IEC-27031-2011) and as a project manager in the PM2 methodology.