Becoming Cybersecurity Consultant

Becoming Cybersecurity Consultant

No matter the industry, a Cybersecurity Consultant should perform a varied number of tasks thus should proof (s)he acquired a specific set of knowledge and developed specific skills and abilities.

Following the workshop we ran in June 2020 (see CONCORDIA Education postworkshop Report) and based on the input received from the participants, we have created a set of lessons in support of those professionals interested to develop the set of knowledge and skills necessary for becoming a Cybersecurity Consultant.

The course targets individuals planning to develop a career in cybersecurity, middle managers and executives. The course covers the following main learning objectives: Threats – Technology – Business Economics and it is structured in 2 modules: an online part and a face-to-face/live webinar part.

The structure of the course

The online course is designed to cover theoretical concepts a Cybersecurity Consultant (medium level) should know. It is structured in 4 modules (Cybersecurity Principles; Offensive Methods, Defensive Methods; Risk Management) and is proposed at being completed in about 3-4 weeks-time while allocating about 2-3 hours a week.

The learners finalizing the online part could develop further their knowledge and skills by attending a face-to-face / live webinar during which the theoretical concepts will be further developed via case studies and hands-on exercises. Both the online module and the face-to-face/live webinar part are scheduled to be piloted in the first quarter of year 2021. Following the pilot phase and after refining the content based on the feedback received, the course in full will be open to the European market.

Getting certified

By finalizing the online course and attending the face-to-face /live webinar complementary module the participants will acquire the knowledge and develop the skills needed in view of applying for the Cybersecurity Consultant Skills Certification Scheme we will pilot in conjunction to this course.

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