What is it and what is it intended for?

To build a comprehensive European cybersecurity ecosystem, we focus on cybersecurity’s technical and economic aspects. Our proposed CyberTEA defines a clear methodology for cybersecurity planning and investments. For that, it integrates a set of tools to help decision-makers during the different planning steps. Examples of these tools include (i) SECAdvisor, a tool to calculate the optimal investment in cybersecurity based on different economic models like Gordon-Loeb and ROSI, (ii) MENTOR, a system that supports cybersecurity management to recommend services for the prevention and mitigation of cyberattacks, and (iii) SecBot, which is a conversational agent that focuses on helping non-experts users to make informed and efficient cybersecurity decisions.

Why is it important?

CyberTEA was created to guide decision-makers in cybersecurity planning and investment, especially in scenarios where there are limitations of budget and a lack of in-house technical expertise. CyberTEA defines all of the steps and artifacts needed for each step in order to achieve a cost-efficient cybersecurity plan. The tools available as part of the CyberTEA make the applications of cybersecurity economic modes less complex, the decision of cybersecurity actions more effective and faster, and cheaper to implement an adequate level of cybersecurity in companies. Also, CyberTEA highlights opportunities and challenges for the next generation of cybersecurity solutions, showing the direction for the development of solutions that simplifies and helps the massive cybersecurity adoption within companies.

Where can we find more information about this?

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