What is it and what is it intended for?

E-health pilots work on digital transformation in the health service sector, and we mainly focus on capturing security and privacy. The first use-case is the medical devices at home that send data between home and the doctor/health care authorities via a secured communication channel. We saw it as essential to ensure digital identification of the patient, secure data storage, home infrastructure and communication – for today‘s Wifi world and the 5G near future. This use case as an open platform addresses mainly the EU citizen, as buyer and as user. Regarding intelligent and smart ambulance services, our goal was to describe reference architecture for secure real-time data and video exchange between the hospital and the vehicle along the 5G network. This use case addresses the first responder as a buyer of such a transport vehicle.

Why is it important?

Healthcare is one of the most regulated areas in the European Economic Area. These pilots are focusing on securing identification, communication and infrastructure. Securing patient data and making it easier for doctors to get information on time is often crucial in this sector. The 510+ million EU citizens are not cybersecurity experts, but they are the decision maker on buying new medical edge products connected and used at or in the body of the citizen, mainly at home. CONCORDIA create guidelines for them. First responders use more connectivity in the ambulance services (helicopter, vehicle) to improve their services if the 5G network becomes more and more available. CONCORDIA collect awareness on cybersecurity for them.