What is it and what is it intended for?

While working on the project, we were able to build a community and establish a liaison with stakeholders. Different institutions represent different competencies and, with their different levels of involvement, that’s why we introduced three stakeholders groups involved parties could join: National Cybersecurity Competence Centers and Agencies Stakeholders Group (NSG), Observer Stakeholders Group (OSG) and Liaisons Stakeholders Group (LSG). We reached more than 500 people in 300 European organizations that relied on us to inform them. We did so, for example, by sending a newsletter every three months, providing security expertise, doing cybersecurity research, joining discussions in European institutions or organizing the CONCORDIA Open Door event every October.

Why is it important?

Cooperation is essential to achieve the sustainability of the outcomes and for the collecting integration of concrete feedback. Provided tools have strengthened European Digital Sovereignty. It also helped to manage cybersecurity activities and propose a direction for cybersecurity action in Europe.