Diversity & Cybersecurity Webinars

This action aims at providing a series of events dedicated to topics related to gender balance. The purpose of the webinars is to provide insights from relevant and recognized experts, acting as speakers and moderators at the events. Moreover, to facilitate stakeholder networking, with particular emphasis on women at career cross-roads and girls starting their careers, we aim to provide webinars organized in two phases: first, a panel with distinguished speakers followed by a mentoring activity implemented as private-calls between people from the audience and a speaker.

The idea is to follow the Manifesto approach and select some topics among the six areas identified in the Manifesto (i.e., entrepreneurship, industry, education, research, legal, investment).

Webinars provided so far:

Women in Cybersecurity Research Webinar
Women in Cybersecurity Industry Webinar
Women in Cybersecurity Education Webinar
Women in Cyber - CONCORDIA Delivers