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Observer Stakeholders Group

The CONCORDIA Observer Stakeholders Group (OSG) supports the European effort in developing the Cybersecurity Competence Community.

The OSG concerns current, upcoming, and future stakeholders of the European Cybersecurity Community. It also targets, without limitation, existing, developing, or developed cybersecurity-related ecosystems in and across the member states. Being part of the CONCORDIA OSG will open you access to a broad group of European cybersecurity organizations to network, get informed, and exchange information. CONCORDIA observers will receive invitations to events, workshops, or other meetings relevant to their interests within the CONCORDIA project’s scope.

The OSG is part of the CONCORDIA trio of stakeholder groups. The other two groups are the National Stakeholders Group (NSG), bringing together national governmental bodies, and the Liaison Stakeholders Group (LSG), consisting of European institutions. For more information about the stakeholders group, visit the community pacts or send an e-mail to

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