Threat Landscape Validation – Join our new survey!

We would like to challenge you to tell us your opinion and join our new survey! The goal of this survey is to rate the importance of the identified cybersecurity threats in the domains of interest of CONCORDIA.

As part of our work towards the definition of the CONCORDIA Cybersecurity Roadmap for Europe, we worked on a security threat landscape identifying evolving and emerging threats in 6 domains of interest:

  1. IoT/device,
  2. network,
  3. system,
  4. data,
  5. application,
  6. user.

To assess the validity of our findings, we prepared a questionnaire:

If the topic is interesting for you, do not miss our blog post Cybersecurity threats: trends which summarizes the content of our landscape. And also check our clickable version of the landscape which is available at: It presents the assets and threats in each of the 6 domains of interest.