Participate in the definition of the European Cybersecurity Consultant profile

Participate in the definition of the European Cybersecurity Consultant profile

All industries have seen examples of Cyber incidents and Cybersecurity related risks have already gained their place in the relevant Risk Assessment files. In this context the role of the Cybersecurity Consultant is becoming more and more important for all types of organizations (large or small, private, public or other).

A professional profile contains the knowledge and skills that a person should have in order to perform the role effectively. At this time, no specific Professional Profile has been defined for the Cybersecurity Consultant.
The CONCORDIA team, through a series of procedures, has selected 90 Skills and 200 Knowledge items from the NIST Cybersecurity Workforce Framework as relevant for the European market and has implemented them in an innovative CONCORDIA application (

We request your valuable input to rank this compilation of skills and knowledge,. The process is pretty straight forward:

  1. Access the application through
  2. Login by filling in your industry, Company name and role within your organization. (This step will need to be performed only when you first access the CONCORDIA application. We implemented a cookie to help you retrieve your selections should you decide to come back later. No personal information is retained.)
  3. Rank the skills and knowledge by navigating in the relevant tabs and draging the individual items from their original position to the appropriate (based on your opinion) importance column (Very Important / Important / Not Important). In case you believe that a specific Skill or Knowledge is missing , feel free to propose it by using the “+” button.

No need to save your selections. The system incorporates your changes in real time and you can come back at any time during the period of validity of this survey.

Your selection based on the importance is presented in a network-view on the top of the screen. The aggregated results of all participants to this exercise will be presented in the CONCORDIA Education workshop to be scheduled for end of May. The agenda and the registration link will be published soon on the CONCORDIA website and announced on the project social media accounts. Follow us on Twitter and on LinkedIn for updates.

For more details on CONCORDIA work on Education for cybersecurity professionals please check HERE