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CONCORDIA ecosystem,a Cybersecurity Competence Network with leading research, technology, industrial and public competences to build the European Secure, Resilient and Trusted Ecosystem

Scale up existing research and innovation with CONCORDIA’s virtual lab and services

Develop sector-specific (vertical) and cross-sector (horizontal) industrial pilots with building incubators.

Devise a cybersecurity roadmap to identify powerful research paradigms, to do hands-on experimental validation, prototype and solution development


A Cybersecurity Competence Network with leading research, technology, industrial and public competences. CONCORDIA provides excellence and leadership in technology, processes and services to establish an user-centric EU-integrated cyber security ecosystem for digital sovereignty in Europe.

Cyber Ranges

Cyber Ranges provide a multipurpose virtual environment in which organisations can test critical capabilities and reveal how effectively they integrate people, processes, and technology to protect their strategic information, services, and assets.

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CONCORDIA - Gabi Dreo Rodosek Interview
Security for Unoccupied Aerial Systems
Women In Cyber –
A manifesto for today
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Latest Updates

Gabi Dreo summarizes #CODE2020 event in our new blog post. CONCORDIA has clearly demonstrated building the #European digital ecosystem which is the basis of European digital sovereignty.

🔗 https://www.concordia-h2020.eu/blog-post/code-2020-european-digital-sovereignty-road-to-success/

#cybersecurity #H2020

SAVE THE DATE! The #women's entrepreneurial and leadership potential is still an underexploited source for the #EU economic growth. We organize a webinar to discuss how to tackle this challenge on 14th December. It is the first webinar from our #Diversity & #Cybersecurity series!

Every organization can now use a #cyberrange for free. They can focus on developing training. #KYPOCRP is #opensource under the #MITlicense, which means that organizations can customize the cyber range or extend it for their needs.
#H2020 #CyberSecurity

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Feb 19

EC Cybersecurity R&D Roadmap

Under the auspices of H2020, EC's Cybersecurity Competence Network CONCORDIA will develop the "EC Cybersecurity R&D Roadmap" to establish technology,...
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Feb 19

Community-building and Strategic Directions event

EC's Cybersecurity Competence Network CONCORDIA to host high-profile "Community-building and Strategic Directions" stakeholders event in Brussels over the coming months...
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Feb 19

Kick-off meeting

The CONCORDIA Kickoff (with 42 partners and 4 new partners), took place on January 28th – 29th in Munich.
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November 26, 2020

CODE 2020: “European Digital Sovereignty – Road to Success?”

Under the German EU presidency, the Research Institute CODE at the Bundeswehr University Munich organised from 10th to 12th November...

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November 19, 2020


Cyberspace is an idea that resides in our minds but has a poorly concrete image. When I was a doctoral...

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November 13, 2020

Do you need a cyber range? The KYPO Cyber Range Platform is now available for free

Yes, it is true. We release the KYPO Cyber Range Platform (KYPO CRP) as open-source software to help develop cybersecurity...

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About us

CONCORDIA Consortium includes highly qualified EU universities, industries, public bodies and organizations.