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CONCORDIA ecosystem,a Cybersecurity Competence Network with leading research, technology, industrial and public competences to build the European Secure, Resilient and Trusted Ecosystem

Scale up existing research and innovation with CONCORDIA’s virtual lab and services

Develop sector-specific (vertical) and cross-sector (horizontal) industrial pilots with building incubators.

Devise a cybersecurity roadmap to identify powerful research paradigms, to do hands-on experimental validation, prototype and solution development


A Cybersecurity Competence Network with leading research, technology, industrial and public competences. CONCORDIA provides excellence and leadership in technology, processes and services to establish an user-centric EU-integrated cyber security ecosystem for digital sovereignty in Europe.

Cyber Ranges

Cyber Ranges provide a multipurpose virtual environment in which organisations can test critical capabilities and reveal how effectively they integrate people, processes, and technology to protect their strategic information, services, and assets.

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Latest Updates

Our course aims to help individuals active in the cybersecurity area acquire knowledge and skills important for the European market. Sounds interesting? The pilot course has just closed, but the next round is planned for October 2021❗️Learn more⬇️

Today we would like to introduce another CONCORDIAN. Cora Perner from @AirbusCyber is a leader of the task focused on security for unoccupied #aerial systems.🛡️

Here you can find more about Cora:

#H2020 #CyberSecurity

We have a new #blogpost for you!🤗 In the link below, you can find out more about the progress of the Collaborative Automated Course of Action Operations (#CACAO) Security Playbooks standards-track work.
Do not miss it! ⬇️


#H2020 #CyberSecurity

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Feb 19

Kick-off meeting

The CONCORDIA Kickoff (with 42 partners and 4 new partners), took place on January 28th – 29th in Munich.
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June 10, 2021

An Update on Security Playbook Standardization

A year ago, we supported creating a technical committee within the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS)...

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June 3, 2021

Building Machine Learning Models with Privacy by Design in Mind

Nicolas Kourtellis, Ph.D. Introduction Machine Learning (ML) methods can identify patterns that describe humans’ behaviors. This can only happen when...

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May 27, 2021

Roadmap for the 1st CONCORDIA Cybersecurity Skills Certification Scheme

The subject of Cybersecurity skills and the relevant persisting gap1 has allowed a variety of cybersecurity courses and certification schemes...

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CONCORDIA Consortium includes highly qualified EU universities, industries, public bodies and organizations.