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CONCORDIA ecosystem,a Cybersecurity Competence Network with leading research, technology, industrial and public competences to build the European Secure, Resilient and Trusted Ecosystem

Scale up existing research and innovation with CONCORDIA’s virtual lab and services

Develop sector-specific (vertical) and cross-sector (horizontal) industrial pilots with building incubators.

Devise a cybersecurity roadmap to identify powerful research paradigms, to do hands-on experimental validation, prototype and solution development


A Cybersecurity Competence Network with leading research, technology, industrial and public competences. CONCORDIA provides excellence and leadership in technology, processes and services to establish an user-centric EU-integrated cyber security ecosystem for digital sovereignty in Europe.

Cyber Ranges

Cyber Ranges provide a multipurpose virtual environment in which organisations can test critical capabilities and reveal how effectively they integrate people, processes, and technology to protect their strategic information, services, and assets.

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Who will speak to you during our workshop?🎙️

You can expect relevant speakers coming from @enisa_eu, @intesasanpaolo, @FSISAC, @Atos_Security and @caixabank, presenting a complete view of the topic.

See the names 👇

Europe has an excellent track record in the area of #networks. However, now it is challenged by the US and China.🌐
To strengthen its #digitalsovereignty, we have identified these 5 challenges to improve the European networks...➡️https://www.concordia-h2020.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/roadmaps-04-Reseach-and-Innovation.pdf

Did you catch this #researchapaper?📑 You can read about our proposed decentralized customer-based monitoring approach running over the #Ethereum blockchain. Learn more:
#H2020 #CyberSecurity

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Apr 21

KYPO Cyber Range Platform 101 – webinar

Wednesday, 21 of April 13:00 – 15:00 CET (Prague time) This webinar covers the essentials of the KYPO Cyber Range...
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Mar 21

HiPEAC CSW Spring 2021

This Spring’s edition of Computing Systems Week will become Computing Systems Webinars, a series of free online seminars running from...
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Mar 21

#4 Stakeholders’ Newletter

This is the fourth issue of Stakeholders'Newsletter.We started 2021 with a lot of news from CONCORDIA, Europe, and the whole...
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December 2, 2021

Who should I trust when I seek the truth?

(Machine learning for “fake-news” detection) For many of us these days, it is not unusual to wonder whether something we...

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November 25, 2021

CONCORDIA’s Incident Clearing House: a Closer Look

In this blog post we are going to have a closer look at one of the core components of CONCORDIA's...

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November 18, 2021

The long-standing problem of email attacks

For several years now, the digital revolution has radically changed people's daily lives, both their private and work lives. The...

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CONCORDIA Consortium includes highly qualified EU universities, industries, public bodies and organizations.