Workshop Education 2020

CONCORDIA workshop on Education for Cybersecurity professionals

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The CONCORDIA workshop aims at collecting feedback regarding specific needs in terms of Education for Cybersecurity professionals. In view of doing so we will share with the participants our work so far in terms of Skills Certification Schemes and on developing courses for cybersecurity professionals while also seeking their views on the concrete pilots we plan to run together this year and targeting the Cybersecurity Consultant profile.


We are looking into engaging mainly with European cybersecurity professionals, middle managers and executives from all sizes of organizations, representatives of national and European public institutions having an interest in Education for cybersecurity, international organisations active in cybersecurity area and universities offering or intending to include in their offer short courses for professionals.


The workshop is organized in two parts and will run in two consecutive days:

Part 1 is looking into engaging with the audience for defining the European Cybersecurity Consultant profile in terms of knowledge and skills, and on collecting feedback on a new Cybersecurity Skills Certificate Framework

Part 2 takes a step further and looks into developing Courses for Cybersecurity professionals and presenting a new model for their deployment while also collecting feedback on the content for a pilot course addressing the Cybersecurity Consultant profile.

You can find more details on the dates and the timing, the topics addressed and the speakers in the AGENDA below.


Prior to the workshop you can already contribute to the definition of the European Cybersecurity Consultant profile. CONTRIBUTE to the survey! 

If you are interested in attending the Workshop partially or in full, please REGISTER via the Form . The CONCORDIA workshop on Education will be run online. We will come back to you with the technical details for video-conference one day prior to the workshop.


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CONCORDIA workshop on Education for Cybersecurity professionals
The workshop is free of charge and will be run online. In view of considering your participation please fill in all the registration fields below. Few days before the event we will send you an e-mail containing the technical details for connecting to the workshop virtual conference room.
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